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BRISBANE PRESSURE WASHING is one of the most popular brick cleaning service providers in South East Queensland. Acid pressure washing in Brisbane has no regulations and many people with little experience are currently undertaking brick cleaning in the market. The proper use of ACID on bricks is highly important. If it is done incorrectly you can be left with severe brick burn in a short period of time after the clean. Other acids & cleaning compounds may be available to clean excess mortar from brickwork. Care should be taken when selecting these products. Some of these products are not suitable for masonry and may even cause destruction of the masonry units via salt attack. Some of the major projects we have undertaken include doing work for Building Contractors, Multi Story Apartments Buildings, Strata Buildings, Schools, and much more. We can work both normal hours and after hours to suit all jobs. Weekends are always available also.

BRISBANE PRESSURE WASHING Firstly, mortar ‘lumps’ should be scraped or physically removed from the surface of the masonry, leaving only the mortar staining left to rectify. Many methods exist to clean excess mortar stains on brickwork. Manufacturer’s instructions should be followed and appropriate PPE should be worn Using (hydrochloric acid).
The most common agent for removing mortar is hydrochloric acid diluted with water. Different bricks will require a different mixing ratios. Bricks that are lighter in colour or particularly sensitive to high concentrations of acid will require a less active ratio, and are the hardest type of brick to acid wash. For darker bricks or particularly tough stains, the ratio may be increased to a more active ratio.

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