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Brisbane Pressure Washing was started in 2015 by Plunkett McGoldrick. Our pressure cleaning service has provided many different services including, truck washing, exterior building cleaning, factory cleaning, house washing, window cleaning, roof cleaning, body corporate cleaning, softwashing and many other cleaning projects. Although, Brisbane Pressure Washing still provides most of these services, our focus on the truck washing industry is always moving forward in technology. We learned early on that the industry was lacking in qualified contractors and quality work in fleet washing in Brisbane. We always show up when scheduled and consistently performed quality work everyday, and I personally try to better the way i do my work before, during and after every job. Therefore it became our mission to provide quality fleet truck & vehicle washing and industrial cleaning services to the greater Brisbane area. This has given us a strong competitive edge, especially as an owner/operated service.   

  • I service the Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast areas

  • I deliver quality onsite fleet washing with environmentally compliant processes at an affordable price.

  • I will wash your fleet whether it be big or small.

  • Professional Truck Washing saves you time and money, it's also loads cheaper and more productive than paying an employee to wash trucks, avoid drivers hours wasted waiting in line for a truck wash. No more in house wash bay maintenance or costs. We come to you.

  • Available 24/7 our services are scheduled at a time that is convenient to you.

  • I offer a full hand and brush washing service, using PH neutral truck soap. (We Dont Use Acid) 

  • I can reclaim all waste water and leave your site clean, just as you would expect.

  • I offer a Free, no obligation quotes, tailored wash programs, modern, custom made and well presented equipment for any task.

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  1. Trailer Washing & Semi Trailer Washing
  2. Tractor & Prime Movers Washing
  3. Heavy Plant Equipment Washing
  4. Delivery Vans & Courier Washing
  5. Bus Washing & Detailing
  6. Truck Detailing
  7. Boat Washing
  8. Forklift Washing
  9. Fleet Sanitisation 
  10. And Much More....
Due to the nature of our industry we perform our service at hours that go beyond the typical 9 to 5 business day. In other words we perform mobile wash services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Always Look Your Best with Efficient and Affordable Fleet Washing. 

Whether you're delivering priority packages, fresh food, beverages, or common freight; your vans, trucks and trailers are the first line of advertising for your company.

Add graphics, and they become rolling billboards that represent you, your company, and your maintenance program. Always make a good impression! 

Brisbane Pressure Washing specialise in offering customised fleet washing programs that will keep your trucks and heavy equipment looking spotless. Whether you need regular washing for your fleet at a single location, or several locations throughout the south east of Queensland, I have the ability and the expertise to keep your image clean.

We go the Extra Mile to Ensure Environmental Compliance Guidelines

Just as you have the responsibility to ensure that your business is following all environmental regulatory guidelines, we have a responsibility to do that too and protect our environment. As a pressure cleaning business, Brisbane Pressure Washing continually monitors local, state and federal guidelines for environmentally safe and approved pressure cleaning practices. We know how to handle the unique challenges of collecting wash water and we can offer you a custom solution for your washing needs. Our specialised cleaning solutions are designed to provide a deep, thorough clean, while also being gentle on sensitive equipment and materials.

Brisbane Pressure Washing 
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